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About Us


Meet our Team

Every member of our professional staff  is multi-talented and diverse in their qualifications. Our team has extensive experience in the education market that helps ensure that can meet the needs that other products cannot.  

What unites our staff is their belief in the goals of, love of helping and teaching, personal drive, motivation and integrity. Many of our staff have worked as full-time educators, while others are highly qualified technical staff with backgrounds in the delivery of education-based technology applications.

Ken Stith, co-founder, and President and chief architect, has spent 35 years leading and growing software development companies, as well as 20 years in executive roles providing products and services to the K-12 Education market.  Ken began his career with the City of Austin Texas and later joined WR Grace Petroleum Company. In 1976, Ken was co-founder of Petroleum Software Systems, an oil and gas exploration accounting software company. Ken Served as President and its products were marketed by Price Waterhouse and served such giants as Columbia Gas Transmission, Kerr McGee, and OneOK.

Mike Stith, co-founder and VP of Development, holds an Associate of Science degree and has over 17 years experience in designing and developing software applications for the K-12 school market. Mike's experience in the K-12 market provides overall technical leadership. Mike began programming while still in high school and is certified in, and has 10 years of development experience with, the same technology used at FFIT. Mike is primarily responsible for the development of products.

Monica Langenberg, co-founder and VP of Business Development, holds a BS degree from Mississippi State University and has over 15 years experience in K-12 education. Her management experience encompasses sales, marketing, and Business Administration related positions. Monica is also a founding partner of

Claudette Hixon, Director of Support, holds a BS in Mathematics and a Master of Education. She has 22 years experience as a K-12 classroom teacher. Claudette  has overall management responsibility for the technical and client support operations for